• E-ambulance is a battery operated vehicle which works on battery supply, equipped with all first aid medical equipments.
  • Its compact vehicle which can pass through 3 feet of width.
  • Ambulance handling is with handle, can be throttle with grip and brake by foot operated pedals.
  • Its eco-friendly and ultimately no pollution.


E-Ambulance Specifications

Sr.No Features Capacity
1 Motor type Brush Less  Motor
2 Motor Power 2.0 KW
3 Controller Type 24 Tube Controller
4 Controller Power 200 Vlt To 600 Vlt
5 No of Batteries 4 Battery
6 Charging Time 8 to 9 Hrs
      7 Battery Type Trontek/Exide
8 Voltage Required for Charger 220 VLT Single Face
9 Brake Type Drum Brake
10 Front Suspension Hydrolic Spring Shocker
11 Rear Suspension Hydrualic spring/ Leaf spring
12 Loading Capacity 500 Kgs
13 Climbing capacity 12 degree eqv flyover bridge
14 Max Speed 40-45 KMPH
15 Driving Distance 50 km in one charge
16 Front wheel size 90-90×12
17 Rear wheel size 145/70 R13
18 Passenger capacity 3
19 Wheel Base/ track width 2350 /900 mm
20 Weight of Vehcile 200 KG
21 Colur of Vehcile White and red
22 Ground Clearance 200 mm
23 External body Fibreglass/ thermoforming
24 Approval ICAT in progress

More details for an E-AMBULANCE

Battery Coupled Differential
Compact Batteries
Compact Batteries
Hard Suspension
Hard Suspension
Mechanical Brakes
Mechanical Brakes

One step towards saving nature by using eco-friendly product an E-Ambulance